comparadun fly pattern - An Overview

Eventually I began to alter my system for tying the deer hair wing about the Comparadun. This system will help make the body extra slender on lesser fly patterns and retains the wing upright and marginally slanted back again that's extra just like the pure mayfly duns.

Connect the thread with the seventy-% level and depart a long tag conclude. Wrap back in excess of the tag stop towards the bend on the hook, using care to maintain the tag centered on the very best with the hook.

Granted, this spot is not generally hit by "Arctic Blasts" similar to the areas of your US east from the Rockies; but It's not immune to some really cold weather conditions; particularly in the mountainous spots.

Apparently, I was in a category taught by Charlie Craven this past weekend wherever he pressured utilizing deer hock hair for lesser comparaduns. The hair on down the legs is shorter and even more suitable for comparaduns, no matter what area on the place the deer arises from.

Pick a good quantity of deer hair, trying to find an volume, which when splayed, will protect a one hundred eighty-degree arc within the top-fifty percent from the hookshank. Research and follow carefully the photographs to receive an ideal comparadun-fashion splay Along with the deer hair.

Utilize a very slender layer of dubbing for the tying thread and begin wrapping it for the sixty-5 percent position, at the rear of the wing. Wrap the dubbing up towards the rear edge of the wing.

The CDC Comparadun pattern is amongst my go-to patterns for a long time. This fly is the final word in simplicity and lends itself properly to a variety of mayfly species. You can only change the colours of your materials to match anything from Pale Morning Duns to Baetis to Eco-friendly Drakes, even though however using the exact overall pattern. I Particularly such as this fly for modest flies, like autumn Baetis and the like. The CDC wing presents the pattern good floatation and visibility, but isn't going to insert a lot bulk that it helps make the fly search far too big on the fish.

Thanks Paul. I've been tying compara-duns For the reason that reserve came out and failed to recognize that. Back to top rated

Deer hair grows for the duration of drop and Wintertime. You desire hair from the deer which has been harvested early while in the hunting year. This is termed "early period hair."

mur The explanation most use costal hair is because it typically arises from a hotter local climate and thus is like the summertime deer

Finally, the best hair has nominal under fur. The a lot less less than reference fur, the significantly less you might want to get rid of before tying the the hair. This is a minimal position but I point out it for completeness.

Completed fly, side watch. Detect how slim the abdomen is, the slight bulk from the thorax and the duration on the wing and tails.

Trim the deer hair at an angle to form an angled transistion from the deer hair to the tail. (see the image beneath)

In order to choose a few of the guess workout of it, Hareline Dubbin brand sells comparadun hair in normal and dyed dun. A great deal of tying areas carry that brand name. Regards,

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